It's hard to believe it, but Pocket God is already on its 36th update. If you've somehow missed it, the now-classic app gives users an island populated with charismatic "pygmies," along with myriad ways of torturing the poor souls. Fire ants, lightning, sharks - the pygmies have gone through a lot since Pocket God's long-ago debut. They even have their own comic now, which has also received an update. But first, let's look at the main app.

The 36th update, named "Konkey Dong," is the last of three primate-inspired updates. I'll let the app's updated description speak for itself:

A new gorilla idol appears on Ape Mountain (when the banana tree is visible). Drop a pygmy into the grip of the stone gorilla, and the real gorilla, Konkey, will come and kidnap the Pygmy! If another Pygmy is around to witness, he will attempt a rescue and start the mini-game Konkey Dong. This is our biggest mini-game yet. Inspired by the old school arcade game of yore, it has 5 levels and they are as addicting as they are challenging! Tilt the device to move left or right, tap the right to jump, hold the upper left to climb up a ladder, and the lower left to climb down a ladder. Avoid rolling boulders and beetles!

That's not all, however. In addition to the gorilla-themed additions, the main Pocket God app has also added a Japanese Skin Pack via in-app purchase and a free Fishmas Pack. The Fishmas pack includes, um, everything you need to celebrate Fishmas. Which is apparently like Christmas. But with dead fish.

Okay, moving on before the dead fish begin to smell. Pocket God Comics #4 is now out, and readers can apparently expect everything from a "half-naked Santa Claus" to Pygmy Zombies in the recent additions. Excellent!

And finally, the charismatic pygmies from the comic are also starring in a new Fishmas-themed video. Merry Fishmas, everyone, and enjoy this slew of Pocket God updates.

[youtube XGc4GFUjs80]

Pocket God

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Pocket God Comics

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2010-08-03 :: Category: Game


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