Plunder Pirates has Gotten a Legendary New Update

Posted by Rob Rich on August 20th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

A bunch of legendary pirates - bucaneers, corsairs, marauders, swashbucklers, privateers, skallywags, call them what you will - have made their way to Plunder Pirates in a new update. Along with lots of other stuff, of course.

So yeah, with this new update you'll be able to recruit several different legendary pirates - each with their own special abilities and attack methods, along with an assortment of outfits. You do have to find and unlock them, though. In addition to the updated roster you can also find special treasure chests that can be unlocked for all sorts of sweet loot, build two new buildings (the Legendary Fort and the Silo), upgrade existing buildings a bit further, and otherwise have even more piratey adventures.

The new update for Plunder Pirates is already live, and if you don't already have it you can grab it off the App Store for free.

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