It's fantastic that DSLR cameras are much more affordable nowadays, ensuring that amateur photography fans are able to pick such a camera up. The problem is that there is still a ton to learn about using them effectively. It's a huge leap up from a compact camera and can get intimidating.

Fortunately, there's a new app out that aims to make things easier and aid users in learning how to use a DSLR correctly. That app is PhotoLawn.

PhotoLawn teaches things a little differently from other educational tools. Focusing on the visual aspect of photography, the app presents photos from Flickr, while displaying the shutter speed, exposure, ISO and more, all in an easy to understand manner.

Everything is laid out as part of an animated grid of thumbnail photos from the popular photo sharing site, making it simple to see what's going on and adapt accordingly. Even better, it doubles up as a great way to browse Flickr and be inspired.

PhotoLawn is free to download with further features such as favorites, mapping and social options, unlockable with a $1.99 in-app purchase.

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