Otter Ocean - Treasure Hunt is an adorable pet collection game that’s just dived onto mobile

Posted by Luke Frater on March 10th, 2021
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Following a successful pre-registration period from last month, Finifugu Games has finally released its extremely cute and relaxing pet collection game, Otter Ocean - Treasure Hunt, for iOS and Android devices.

It offers a serene and passive gameplay experience in which you’re tasked with rescuing adorable otters to look after and train for deep-sea dives. Whenever your otter goes off for a dive, you’ll have a chance of receiving hidden treasure retrieved from their escapades, some of which you can use to decorate your beach surroundings. Every once in a while, they’ll also return with a new otter companion, which will, in-turn, reveal a brand new dive spot to explore.

Whilst the idle-nature of the game means you can leave your otters to their diving escapades while you’re offline, you will have to make sure they’re well cared for when you return. This means feeding them with their favourite food, giving them medicine whenever they’re sick, and, of course, showering them with affection (something that’s incredibly easy given how cute they are!).

The adorable, Sanrio-esque, art-style and relaxed nature of its mechanics make Otter Ocean - Treasure Hunt the ideal piece of idle escapism.

Otter Ocean is available to download for free right now from the App Store and Google Play.

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