Old-school dungeon crawler fans will love Lootbox RPG’s stellar turn-based action and adventuring

Posted by 148Apps Staff on May 9th, 2019
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Lootbox RPG is a stellar turn-based dungeon crawler from the mind behind the acclaimed Silversword. The game offers up an old-school blend of top-down 2D adventuring, looting, and action. It’s been available on iOS and Android for a little while now, but a recent update has made it well worth another look.

The story sees you, a son of ‘His Great Unholiness’, return to your father’s realm to defend it from incoming enemies. This lengthy quest through hell itself will require you to take on additional missions from NPCs, uncover hidden loot and secrets dotted around every randomly-generated level, and fight hordes of vicious creatures in turn-based combat.

Spell casting can be performed by combining magic runes. It’s a straightforward system that allows for some intense and tactical play. Treasure chests can typically be found tucked away in the deeper recesses of each level, so exploring the environments is always well worth the effort. On your adventures, you’ll also encounter minions who are more than willing to fight alongside you or even carry your spare loot.

A recent update included a handful of helpful gameplay updates and refinements, including a new spell that highlights the fastest route out of each level. On top of that, save files can now be deleted when required, a fairy queen has appeared to help explain the game’s magic system, and you’ll also be able to reset your skill points for free by chatting to another new NPC.

The game might already be full of extensive dungeons and story-based quests, but developer Mario Gaida has promised to release even more free content going forward. And, of course, you won’t need to put up with intrusive ads, IAPS, or any other freemium monetisation.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect blend of old-school dungeon-crawling action, best make a quick trip to the App Store or Google Play to try out the excellent Lootbox RPG.

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