It's hard not to love ngmoco. From Rolando to Eliminate, their catalog is bursting with App Store classics. It's exciting, then, to hear that they've got a new game in the works...specifically, a "social game" entitled We Rule.

ngmoco might be calling it a social game, but the first word that jumped to my mind was "simulation." Here's an excerpt from ngmoco's announcement:

In We Rule, you will govern your very own kingdom. You will act as a city planner and landscaper—customizing your realm with buildings, banners, and botany. You’ll decide what crops to plant and ensure they are harvested on time. You will collect taxes from your citizens and manage a variety of shops and businesses - from bakeries and inns to lumber mills and ore mines.

It sounds like the basis for an excellent simulation game, and some sort of social aspect will obviously play a key role. As to what exactly it will be, well, we'll have to wait to learn more.

Also of note is that ngmoco will be partnering with Newtoy for We Rule. Newtoy has a pretty solid pedigree—the games they helped create range from Halo Reach to Words With Friends—and coupled with ngmoco's own talent and finesse, We Rule is almost guaranteed to be great. We'll update you when ngmoco releases more information!

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