Shooter fans can rejoice as Krafton’s New State Mobile receives a massive November update. Among the more notable features are a new gun, a training mode complete with rewards, and a fantastic approach to respawning.

The most impactful update is definitely the modification of the respawn mechanic. If you are eliminated within the second phase of the Blue Zone during battle royale matches, you will get a one-time respawn without your teammate having to collect a Green Flare Gun. This has been implemented in solo and teams, and you will respawn with the same equipment as if a teammate used the Flare Gun. This is an excellent addition, as I'm sure everyone has had those games where teammates focus more on killing and never on reviving.

When going into the game's Training Mode, you will notice the new Shooting Gallery mode. This gives everyone the option to pick any gun they like and participate in three one-minute rounds where you will have to kill a multitude of targets. More points will be racked up by stringing together a combo, and at the end of each season, rewards will be handed out based on these scores.

Those wanting a new gun will definitely be satisfied by the new 5.56mm SL8 Designated Marksman Rifle. It boasts a high damage output and can be customised with a barrel, scope, magazine and stock. For the stealthy players, it will even take a suppressor barrel, trading recoil control for damage and noise suppression.

GLC’s Carrie Mcgrath is the centrepiece of the new Survivor Pass, now up to Volume 13. Completing the pass’ story mission will earn players her face appearance, and upgrading to the Premium Pass will net her full costume set.

New State Mobile can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for free, and if you need some light reading, the full extensive patch notes are on the official site.

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