MU Origin 2 introduces Deify Shield, Pet Resurrection and Pet Equipment in its latest update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on September 16th, 2021
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MU Origin 2, Webzen’s hit MMORPG, is rolling out its massive 6.1 update with an Integrated Server Guild Battleground, Deify Shield, Pet Resurrection and Pet Equipment, Elemental Refinement, and more. For starters, the Integrated Server Guild Battleground will provide the most powerful Guilds an avenue to duke it out in a competition to see who will reign supreme.

MU Origin 2’s Deify Shield feature allows players to power up their Divine Shield with gems collected from the Divine Tower, while the Pet Resurrection & Equipment feature lets players equip pets with cool armor and even resurrect them when push comes to shove. Moreover, the Spirit feature provides elemental spirits that will help guide players on their adventures with bonus elemental properties.

Finally, the Elemental Refinement feature lets players use jewels collected from the Abyss to refine equipment. Be sure to take advantage of the different elemental potentials of your gear, and become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

If you’re eager to know more about the latest update - like content expansions, skill changes, the Abyss Season 33, and QOL improvements - to MU Origin 2, you can download the game on the App Store and on Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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