Monster & Commander guide - How to get the edge in battle

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 27th, 2016
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Just jumped into the wacky world of Monster & Commander and in need of some advice on what to do next? We’ve got your back - courtesy of a selection of tips and tricks to get you started.

Log in a LOT

Most games reward you for logging in each day, right? Well,Monster & Commander goes one step further by rewarding you for doing so every hour! Each hour, you get a spin on the bonus wheel which tends to throw some extras your way. Do it.

Also, remember to log into Facebook through the app. You’ll gain 50 gems that way and you can always stop it posting to your wall.

Get your friends involved as you can share energy that way and play for longer.

Don’t forget research

Researching technology is a big part of progression in Monster & Commander. It’ll take time so make sure you have something running at all times. The game will give you a heads up when it’s finished.

While you’re at it, craft new weapons for your heroes with the resources you gather. It’s clear to see what you already have and what you need so it won’t take long to do.

Work on those objectives

Monster & Commander is pretty generous and helpful when it comes to giving you objectives to work towards. Some of these involve pursuing certain missions but others are more incidental, like having you kill a certain number of units.

Redeem the rewards often so you get new ones, plus you'll gain experience and gems!

Fuse some characters

See how your inventory is steadily filling up with new heroes? You don’t actually need that many at your disposal. Instead, pick out some favorites and fuse existing heroes to them. That way, they’ll end up way more powerful.

Enjoy the freebies

You get free bronze pods each day so make sure you use them to gain some new units. They might not be amazing but they’re useful fusing fodder.

The force of your finger

Don’t forget to target enemies in battle by holding your finger down on them till the reticule appears. It’s more focused and therefore more powerful.

Got some tips of your own for Monster & Commander? Let us know in the comments!

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