Quantum Sheep, the developers responsible for games such as Air Supply, have decided to go ahead and launch another title. This time, though, it's an iPad exclusive and certainly seems to make good use of the iPad's extra screen real estate.

The game has a Tron-esque art style, with bright neon colors on a black background, and employs a very simple method for both controls and gameplay. The player's put in control of a little square that follows the players finger in a 1:1 sort of way While the gameplay is described by the developer as being just as simple: "Essentially, you have to avoid the red balls and grab the blue ones," they say. "Just grab the blue balls - avoid anything even remotely red!"

With power-ups such as Shields, Smartbombs and, in Quantum Sheep's own words, 'the Repel Thingy' -- as well as online leaderboards and achievements provided by Game Center, it certainly looks as though it could be another one of those simple but addictive little iOS games.

The whole retro arcade feel is wrapped up with some real nice 8-bit music from chiptune artist, Amiga Agia, which come with track titles such as ‘The Never Played Atari’ and ‘My Gameboy is better’, which are sure to please any nerd (especially me).

Those who like the idea of .Matrixx can even pick it up at a special introductory price in the App Store which will only last a couple of days. Waiting to grab it until later will mean it'll cost a little extra, although I wouldn't mind, I'm sure Quantum Sheep deserve it.


+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-07-17 :: Category: Game


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