Make the map your playground in Cyber Hunter – a new Parkour-driven Battle Royale on mobile

Posted by 148Apps Staff on April 25th, 2019
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If you’re someone looking for the next big thing in Battle Royale games, Netease’s Cyber Hunter might just be the genre shakeup you’re looking for. Transporting you and other Wanderers down to a 6 x 6 km map, the game pulls heavily from celebrated Cyberpunk fiction to offer a Battle Royale game that is drenched in neon, fun to survive in, alongside endless climbable vertical surfaces. Cyber Hunter is out now for iOS and Android.

It all begins with you creating your own unique Wanderer. And, in this regard, Cyber Hunter easily has you covered, offering one of the most extensive character creators seen in a Battle Royale. Everything from hairstyle, eye colour, face size to the makeup of lips and eyebrows can all be changed, and that’s on top of various fashion outfits, personalized moves, and vehicle paints!

When you’re ready to drop down and go, Cyber Hunter tasks you to master five different types of weapon in SMG, Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun and Throwables. Being a sci-fi battle royale, each weapon naturally features a unique twist such as shotguns that can heal friendly targets, or grenades that can freeze water. Every weapon is upgradable too to make them even more powerful or unlock new special skills. These, combined with all of the futuristic vehicles littered in the land act as the perfect foundation in which you can decimate your foes and be the last person standing. Don’t like vehicles? Cyber Hunter’s extreme parkour traversal makes it easy to get around without them.

The music for Cyber Hunter aims to immerse you further within the intense Battle Royale action the game seeks to offer, having been composed by two Japanese legends. Both Nier: Automata’s Keiichi Okabe and Tekken’s Ryuichi Takada contribute to the Cyberpunk-inspired score, keeping the mood perfectly in line with Cyber Hunter’s laser weaponry and frantic parkour gameplay.

Cyber Hunter is available for download now from both the Google Play and App Store. Will your wanderer be the last survivor standing?

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