Gameloft continue to tease us with a new trailer and set of screenshots to advertise the forthcoming release of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, a mere six weeks after the last trailer. There's still no sign of a release date but it's continuing to intrigue with its Grand Theft Auto style gameplay.

This trailer depicts some cool looking sights such as flying helicopters, tanks to take control of, cool cars to drive and er exploding footballs to contend with. The screenshots offer similar prospects plus it looks like players will be able to fly planes and maybe even steer yachts. That's not forgetting the ultra violence we've all come to expect from sandbox gangster titles like this.

Looks like Gangstar Rio: City of Saints will be great fun when it hits the App Store.

While we all wait for further news of the release date, take a look at the Gangstar Rio: City of Saints mini-site on Facebook and, also, check out the trailer and screenshots below.

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