Knights Chronicle guide - The best PvP characters

Posted by Campbell Bird on August 2nd, 2018
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We’re continuing our pseudo-tier list for Knights Chronicle by listing our picks of the best heroes to have on your team in the Arena.

Again, because the criteria for what makes a hero so great in Knights Chronicle can be extremely situational, we’ve simply given our top three picks for best heroes by type that will generally serve you well in the Arena. See our picks below:


1. Cain - The main reason Cain is part of “the big three” in Knights Chronicle is because of how dominant he is in the Arena. With a kit that allows him to burst down enemies, prevent others from healing, and absorb damage when playing against teams with support heroes, he is without a doubt, the best PvP attacker in the game.

2. Ruby - Ruby takes the second slot here for a few reasons reasons. First, she can spam her special abilities more than most other attackers thanks to her cooldown reduction talents. Secondly, she’s great at self-sustaining once she unlocks her level 60 talent to restore HP when reducing cooldowns. The most important reason for Ruby to rank so highly though is her ability to remove buffs from heroes like Cain every time it’s her turn, which makes her a useful counter to the king of the Arena.

3. Morrigan - Morrigan’s main utility is her ability to delete characters from existence. Her third skill has massive damage potential and can prevent units from being revived. It’s also important to note that Morrigan has a self-revive that makes her more powerful. Between these two abilities, Morrigan is a huge threat on any Arena team.


1. Claude - This dark defense hero tops the list here because he is truest to his character category. Claude is exceptionally good at defending his team and keeping them from taking damage. Between his basic attacks that can taunt up to three heroes per attack, to his buff that grants damage immunity for two turns, there’s little not to like about Claude as a defensive unit.

2. Electra - Electra is a great defense unit, but only if you’re idea of defense includes a great offense. She can take hits pretty well, but her more impactful trait is her ability to cast Blaze on opponents, which allows your damage dealers to stack up 200% bonus damage when hitting targets affected by it.

3. Cordelia - The only SR on this list is surprisingly useful, even in PvP. Cordelia excels mostly because she’s extremely good at staying alive. Staying alive ends up working in her favor because it allows her to use her abilities, like the one the grants damage immunity, over the long haul of a battle.


1. Mina - The reason Mina is the top tier hybrid character in Knights Chronicle is because she can hit a lot and she can hit surprisingly hard. When runed up with multistrike and counter attack runes, Mina can charm enemies easily and deal tons of bonus damage.

2. Kali - Kali is a great assassin character for eliminating attack-type enemies before they can take her out. She can hide, do bonus damage to attackers, and has an auto-revive, making her really hard to remove from a fight before she’s taken down at least one or more of your heroes.

3. Ellie - Ellie’s a bit of an interesting character because she’s most useful when she’s being passive. If you defend with Ellie instead of using a skill, she decreases the cooldowns of everyone on her team and heals 20% of all of her team’s HP. Even if you forget the fact that she can also be pretty great for putting foes to sleep or marking them, Ellie’s a great hero to have on your team.


1. Rue - The ultimate support character tops both our PvE and PvP list because of just how useful her abilities are. This sleepy maid is great for keeping your heroes in fighting shape by removing buffs, and can turn the tide of battle by reviving heroes who then have all their cooldowns reset and get to act immediately. She’s just insanely good.

2. Karen - Karen is like an altered version of Rue. She can also keep heroes alive really well and grant cooldown reductions, but the results of her powers aren’t as game changing. She’s still super useful, especially with her auto-revive, but not quite as powerful as Rue.

3. Sid - This support character mostly makes the list because—unlike most of the other heroes on this list—Sid is farmable. Because you can keep playing through Sid’s dungeon to get copies of him, you can max out all of his abilities relatively easily. This is why he’s on all the top PvP teams right now. His base kit is fine, but it’s only when his skills are maxed against other heroes that aren’t that he is most useful.

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