Kids Food Adventure Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on December 27th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Kids Food Adventure is a very nice universal app that is geared towards encouraging children to try new foods.

The foods included in the application can be searched by season, as one can look at a calendar where each month of the year has seven foods that are in season, and I like how one can pre-select an area of the world - be it North America or Europe - to make the food selections offered, which are accurate in terms of seasonal availability.

This is very helpful as the main goal of this app is to get kids interested in trying new foods that presumably parents will provide for their children. It is also nice that the kids get credit for each new food they try, but liking the food is not necessary as one can mark each new food as “yummy,” “yucky," or just “so-so,” as tasting these new foods ultimately leads to earning stickers. Children can go back and edit how they feel about these foods as their tastes change as they get used to new and different foods.

One can also choose to discover new foods by type, be it desserts, cheeses, seeds and nuts, or regional cuisine such as Greek or foods found in the Far East. These themed groups of foods are explored as one chooses a sticker that represents these food groupings - a nice way to get kids interested in new foods.

A well-shot photo of each of these foods is included that will enlarge to show detail with a tap, as well as thoughtfully written information which offers insight into nutritional benefits and other fun facts that kids and adults will enjoy.

Note that no narration is included - not an issue really as this app is one that is best shared between adults and children. Foods children may be familiar with, such as strawberries or cherries, are included, as well as some less common foods such as a large selection of fancy cheeses like camembert, or gruyere, or produce such as quinces or physalis.

Each food group is represented here, with a variety of fish being the only meat of any kind within this application. Some families will appreciate this choice, and it is nice that gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan choices are included, but I can imagine that other families may find this app lacking in other animal proteins, as well as possibly be concerned at the expense or availability of some of these foods that are meant to be bought and tasted.

I enjoy the look of this app, with a subtle vintage flair adults may enjoy, as here the background used is a close up of the grain of a wood travel trunk, which is intended to be decorated with the stickers one earns by trying these new foods. The look of this warm-toned stain and tactile wood grain is pleasing to the eye, but this is an item most children today may know nothing about, while parents may appreciate this element. The stickers also have a period feel to them, as they are akin to stickers one may find on a guitar case or as an iron-on patch found on a vintage pair of jeans, a fun detail that I enjoy.

All in all, this is an educational app that adults and children will enjoy sharing together. I have found the fun facts informative, the included photographs lovely to look at, and the month-to-month food choices helpful in coming up with new food ideas.

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