Instaviz 1.5 Now Available. Adds A Bunch of Features. PLUS We've Got 10 COPIES to Giveaway!

Posted by Arron Hirst on December 4th, 2009
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

We love Instaviz. In fact, we reviewed it in full back in January of this year proclaiming how good it actually was. Imagine a white board .. and then imagine all that creative power, in your pocket. You don't need to bring anything with you. Simply you, your ideas, your thought-process, and .. your finger. Closely compared to the likes of Microsoft’s Visio, and based off the concept of Graphviz, an existing and open source software package which achieves more or less the same results, Instaviz is dubbed 'graph creation software' and it very cleverly uses the iPhone's mutli-touch interface to harness the manipulation of mind-map environments.

A few weeks back now, Glen of Instaviz gave us the heads up on an update to the software Version 1.5. This new version sees a variety of new features added, some which were needed, and others which are just nice to have. The more noteworthy is this version includes an entirely new display architecture. It sounds fancy, but we're basically told that this means that the zooming, panning and placement of objects is faster, smoother, and more reliable. Still all part of this new architecture, in 1.5 Pixelglow added animation, meaning now, any and all objects which you create morph into their final shapes, and once an item is deleted - it fades out. The update also adds two-finger panning and zooming in 'Edit' mode, Batch file operations in Graphs list, and complete help files and localizations in 10 languages. They're small changes, but ones which I'm sure will make a difference.

"One of our goals with this update has been to make scrolling and zooming within Instaviz 1.5 so intuitive and smooth that you don't notice you're working on a small screen."

As well as all that, they've also rejigged the sharing aspect of Instaviz, meaning you can now carry out features like export, duplicate delete and preview in one tidy interface, at graph level. Finally though, and probably most excitingly, is this verison adds the future foundations for Instaviz 2.0, with this verison introducing the ability to in-line edit, as well as adding CoverFlow-like views for your graphs.

Instaviz 1.5 is already available on the store, and courtesy of Glen and Instaviz we've got a whopping 10 COPIES of the application to giveaway to you creative lot! Being a creative based app, we thought long and hard about what we wanted to base this giveaway around. In the end we came up with this ..

We want you to tell us the most creative way you can think of, of how you (personally) would use Instaviz 1.5 in your day to day life.

Whether it be for business purposes, personal purposes or down right off the wall purposes, we want to know! Leave a comment on this post with your answer, and a prize for the most creative! Your answer can be as long or as short as you want it to be, and we'll judge on creativity of your answer alone. Be quick though, we're giving you up until December 9th @ 11am EST to get your entries in! All winners will receive one valid iTunes App Store promotional code for Instaviz 1.5, will be picked randomly, and announced here shortly afterward.

Good luck!

Update 12/10/2009: All winners have been notified. Check the email address your used when you commented to see if you have won.


+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2008-12-06 :: Category: Game


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