How to rack up the miles in Vertigo Racing

Posted by Jessica Famularo on September 20th, 2016
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Chillingo’s endless racer, Vertigo Racing, cruised its way onto the App Store this month and is staying strong in the top charts. Have you jumped in on the action, yet? It’s easy enough to get started, but you’ll quickly find there are a few nuances you’ll need to pay attention to.

We have a few tips and tricks to keep you from speeding off of a cliff and falling to a fiery end. You’ll be driving around with finesse in no time.

Don’t drive with a lead foot
Yeah, slow down there, buddy. I know this is a racing game, but you have to remember that these twisty, turny roads don’t have guard rails. If you drive over the edge, that’s the end of your racing.

That doesn’t mean you have to putt-putt down the road, either. Your car will maintain velocity for a short while, so brake or coast through those turns. Alternatively you can maintain speed and control by braking while holding down the gas as you go around curves.

Be smart about upgrading
Acceleration sounds good on paper, but it can be a major pitfall when it comes to souping up your rides. When you earn currency, you have the chance to upgrade your car’s speed, fuel capacity, acceleration rate, and damage buffer. It’s important to prioritize these stat boosts carefully.

While it’s tempting to put a lot of coin into acceleration, it’s recommended that you hold off, unless you have a car that truly needs it. Acceleration can be deadly when maneuvering turns. Instead, invest points into speed, which bumps your maximum speed overall. Your acceleration rate stays the same, though, meaning if you hit the gas you won’t find yourself shooting out over a cliff. If you’ve got speed covered, then focus on fuel. After all, this is a game about going the distance, and the more fuel your car can carry between gas stations the better!

Learn your cars
Alright, so you’ve got basic driving down, and you know what you’ll need to upgrade your cars. Now, all you’ve left to do is learn how each of those cars handles. As you unlock more vehicles, you’ll quickly notice that each has its own personality. For example, the second car you unlock, Peggy Sue, has a lot more pep than the first car, but also requires more careful control.

You’ll want to practice with each and find one that suits your playstyle best. Each car requires its own strategy, so pay attention when playing around with new vehicles.

Already a pro when it comes to racing antique automobiles? Share your tips in the comments!

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