How to upgrade your cards in Clash Royale

Posted by Campbell Bird on April 10th, 2016
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Not only does upgrading cards considerably increase their stats but it grants you experience which levels you up and improves your towers.

However, you will need to apply some strategy to your approach as upgrading cards gets expensive and gold is relatively limited if you're not willing to fork out on gems. Here's how we recommend you do it.

If gold is tight, upgrade only the cards you use

Lower level cards are very cheap to upgrade, so we'd recommend doing so as soon as possible to compile a ton of quick and easy experience.

However, when they start getting more expensive, we'd recommend then only upgrading the cards you actually use. Read on for a quick rundown on when we'd recommend you stop upgrading unnecessary cards.

Upgrade all commons to level 5 ASAP

Common cards are cheap to level up intil they hit level six when the cost ramps up to 400. That's when you'll need to stop and consider if you're actually going to use them.

We'd recommend that you get all common cards to level five at least though, as it's cheap enough and worth it for the experience.

Upgrade all rares to level 3

Rares are also cheap to upgrade, though they hit the 400 gold thresholdl a little earlier at level three. So, again, only upgrade them further if you actually use them.

Upgrade all epics to level 2

Epics start ramping up in cost from the second upgrade - though it's surprisingly tricky to get even there as you rarely get them in a chest and can't request them from guild members.

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