Hidden Survivor from Joy Brick is a hide-and-seek survival game for Android and iOS

Posted by Cameron Bald on February 5th, 2020
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Joy Brick's Hidden Survivor is an interesting title of two halves: part story-focused survival experience, part intense hide-and-seek multiplayer game. Both elements come together to form a compellingly strange and enjoyable whole.

The hide-and-seek arena battles task you with scouring your surroundings for useful items. Knowing when to use these items is key to remaining successful and earning as many points as possible.

The twist is that you can disguise yourself as any object in the level, hopefully allowing you to go unnoticed when one of your rivals becomes the player-hunting 'Seeker'. As the match progresses, certain areas of the level will grow dangerous to linger in, causing you damage over time.

Once the round has come to an end, you'll head back over to your very own 'Sanctuary'. Here you'll find other survivors who you can get to know and gradually befriend. Unfortunately for you, they'll need a good bit of taking care of if they're going to survive.

You'll need to keep their spirits high, stomachs full, and thirst quenched. If any of these meters hits 0, they'll meet an untimely end. In the event of everyone dying, you'll be returned back to day 1, minus your food and resources.

To retain an element of progression between runs, you can upgrade your Sanctuary's facilities, including its lounge, garden, bath house, and living quarters.

Clearly there's a lot here that is interesting and different. What's especially surprising, though, is how well the various elements all come together to create a satisfying and unique experience. Hidden Survivor is a free-to-play title, and you'll find it available for download now over on Google Play and the App Store.

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