Apple revealed the winners of its Apple Design Awards at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 yesterday. Celebrating the best in mobile App design, twelve programs, including both game and lifestyle apps alike, received awards from Apple for their sleek, stylish, and effective design.


Blackbox sets itself apart from other puzzle games by bringing real-world interactions into the world of the app. Players complete puzzles by snapping, clicking, jumping, and more. Apple praised the game for its accessibility and innovation.


This beautiful dungeon crawler tells a moving story of family, loss, and life. It features incredible, colorful design that is both macabre and strikingly beautiful.

Apple praised Severed for its thoughtful touch controls and GameCenter and ReplayKit integration.

Old Man's Journey

This beautiful game debuted just last month, telling the story of an old man's memories. It's a moving story, told through gorgeous hand-drawn artwork. Apple selected the game for its fantastic art direction and simple mechanics.

Splitter Critters

Splitter Critters tears your screen in half, forcing you to come up with creative solutions to the game's well-designed puzzles. Apple selected the game for its touch controls, cute aesthetic, and quality sound design.


Lake is a digital coloring book, providing dozens of designs you can color by hand or with a stylus. The app includes an assortment of design tools for you to customize your coloring to your liking. Lake received an award for its accessibility for all ages, and it's skillful implementation of a number of Apple features.

Kitchen Stories

One of our favorite cooking apps, it's no surprise that Kitchen Stories was recognized. The app features recipes, tips and tricks, and helpful videos to help people of any skill level concoct tasty, healthy meals. Apple noted Kitchen Stories' wealth of content and accessible design.

Things 3

This app is a powerful if you're trying to organized your life. Take notes, make lists, and schedule important appointments. Apple praised Things 3 for its spectacular, minimalist design.

AirMail 3

AirMail, designed specifically for iOS devices, does a great job in helping keep your inbox tame and under control. Apple thought highly of its three-column design and ease of use.


Elk makes for the perfect travel companion, quickly converting over 150 different currencies on the go. It's smart controls and systems make using the app truly intuitive, which is largely what won Elk its Design Award.


Enlight gives professional photo editing tools a run for their money. It's easy to learn, and allows you to edit your photos any way you'd like thanks to the app's advanced features. Apple chose Enlight for its smart use of iOS features and for setting the standard for mobile pohoto editing.


Bear's clean design made it a clear winner in Apple's eyes. This note-taking app is the perfect tool for writers or folks who simply like jotting notes down on the go. It's also great for developers, supporting a variety of programming languages.

Do you swear by any of the apps on this list? Let us know what you think of them in the comments.

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