Herd Absurd! Mix, match & collect Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on February 5th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Herd Absurd! Mix, Match and Collect is a charming toddler app that adults and older siblings will enjoy as well.

Herd Absurd! is a mix and match slider game where children can scroll through various head, torso with arms as well as bottom and leg sections of many different animals.

This is not a unique concept among applications, but Herd Absurd is a stand-out in a sea of apps such as this with its use of bright and bold colors and whimsically stylized animals.

Hot spots are included on each slider, animating the arms, legs and head of these creatures, creating a cause-and-effect that children will be delighted about as well as intriguing enough for adults and older children to enjoy exploring.

Do pull down the window at the top of the screen to show the animals that one is being asked to create, making this a goal-oriented game with memory elements as well as a free play app allowing children to mix and match different animal parts to their hearts' content.

Also included on the pull down window are the other animals included in this app that children will be asked to combine. For each right answer, a sticker is added to their corresponding spot to make each animal found as complete - also a nice touch that will allow children to feel success as they complete these animal slider puzzles.

When each animal is combined, music and colors are used to congratulate players as well as super-cute if not a little bit cheeky animated moments which are included that I find entertaining and delightful.

As an adult I have had more fun with Herd Absurd! than I expected, and I think toddlers as well as older children will adore this app as well.

iPhone Screenshots

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Herd Absurd! screenshot 1 Herd Absurd! screenshot 2 Herd Absurd! screenshot 3 Herd Absurd! screenshot 4 Herd Absurd! screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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