Hello Hero Epic Battle recently received its global launch - here’s what you need to know

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 26th, 2018
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Hello Hero Epic Battle is proving itself to be the next big thing in mobile RPGs, with over 100 collectible heroes (and some real life character toys, too!), a colourful 3D world to explore, and plenty of opportunities to test your mettle in the heat of battle.

The game is quite expansive, with Heroes and equipment to upgrade and dungeons to explore. Luckily we’re here to ensure you get off to a good start. Here are five tips to help you on your journey.

Explore the game’s many modes

Hello Hero Epic Battle boasts a large number of gameplay modes, from character management, to single player adventures, to multiplayer competitions and events. Explore the game’s vibrant world in single-player Adventure mode, where you’ll traverse seven unique regions and unravel the game’s story. The game’s Ranking modes offer multiplayer challenges, from epic Boss fights to high stakes PvE battles in Conquest and Battlefield modes.

Build a team that will cover your bases

You’ll find that every Hero in Hello Hero Epic Battle falls into one of four classes. You’ll want to make sure your party features a few different classes to ensure you can meet every challenge head on. Defense characters are your tanks, with impressive physical and magical defense and high health. Melee/Ranged Attack Heroes deal out strong physical and magical damage from afar, but have low health. Melee/Ranged Hybrid characters have close range physical attacks and can put out ranged magical attacks. And lastly, Support characters don’t have much by way of physical or magical attack skills, but they are essential to healing the rest of your party when they take damage.

Max out your Heroes’ power

Each Hero you find in Hello Hero Epic Battle has a rating from B - SS. The higher the rating, the better that character’s overall stats will be. While you can’t necessarily upgrade a Hero’s tier, you can upgrade their star rating, which affects their active and passive abilities. Upgrade your Hero’s rating using duplicate Hero cards you find by completing missions and events. This is a sure way to raise any character’s stats.

Craft rare equipment in the workshop

In the workshop, you can craft new equipment or upgrade items you already have. It’s essential that you max out the stats on your weapons and armor if you want a top-notch team. Pay the workshop a visit, and you’ll also be able to craft elixirs and other items needed to upgrade your Heroes themselves.

Win rare rewards by fighting World Bosses

World Boss, one of the game’s multiplayer modes, offers players rotating challenges on different days of the week. These limited time bosses will put up an epic fight, but depending on how much damage you deal out to these powerful monsters, you could earn rewards you won’t find anywhere else. It’s well worth challenging the World Bosses whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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