Hello Hero All Stars receives update with new heroes, gear, bosses and more

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 16th, 2019
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The first Hello Hero game hit global platforms in 2013 and proved a huge success, with developer Fincon adding two more entries to this popular series of casual RPG games since. Released in June this year, Hello Hero All Stars brings many of the same beloved heroes back into the interplanetary fold. It’s an idle game that allows you take a back seat whilst your hand-picked squad battles across lands of monsters and bosses. Hero collecting is the aim of the game, with countless characters to unlock and upgrade as you progress.

Players have been sending their heroes trekking across the arid land of Armon, but an update this October will introduce another planet for you to rocket off to. Cucubita features 50,000 kilometres of new world to cover, each stretch brimming with weird and wonderful baddies to beat. There are familiar bosses from Armon, but some new bosses too, and their attack tactics change at set kilometre benchmarks so your heroes will have to be quick to adjust.

With much tougher adversaries on the horizon, it makes sense that you’ll need better gear to face them. The latest update will double the amount of gear you’ll glean from expeditions, and allow you to halt in-progress journeys and call your heroes back — letting you make use of loot more quickly. Plus, two higher grades of gear will be unlocked, SR and SSR, so you can give your favourite heroes a power boost.

Your current squad might also benefit from some fresh blood. You’ll have a range of new heroes to collect, ranging in class from Attacker to Healer, and in starting grade from A to SS. Of particular note is Black Knight Drake, who comes with a starting grade of SS. His main skill damages all enemies on screen, and reduces their attack damage. His secondary skill protects the hero in your squad with the least health, keeping them in the fight that little bit longer.

You can download Hello Hero All Stars for free on Android and iOS, as the update to this brand new version is already released.

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