“This isn't a war," said the artilleryman. "It never was a war, any more than there's war between man and ants.”

The History Channel's fictitious documentary series, The Great Martian War, seemed to be something of an odd combination of The War of the Worlds and World War Z (the novel, not the movie) when it first aired last year. Think of it as what it would've been like if the Martian invasion in H.G. Wells' novel actually happened in 1913, then historians studied it.

On the other hand, The Great Martian War for iOS is a spin-off endless runner game for the video series that puts you in the rather unfortunate boots of a lone soldier in the trenches. You'l have to jump over razor wire, cross gaps, avoid Martian war machines, and more in a desperate bid for survival. I'm not gonna lie; you're chances don't look too good.

The Great Martian War will be releasing for free on the App Store on February 4.

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