Fairlady Media just released a new educational game, Grandma’s Garden.

Grandma’s Garden features Granny and her gang of whacky veggies teaching preschool and kindergarten level skills via five included mini-games (many of which are vegetable-themed). Educational skills that are covered in the app include shapes, colors, letters, counting, and memory. These games are “Match the Vegetables,” “Color the Vegetable,” “Count the Vegetables,” “First Letters,” and “Shapes.”

Players are showered with positive words and funny, Granny-typical gifts. The players are rewarded with items from Granny’s purse including candy, toys, and other grandmother-oriented items (lipstick, perfume, and more). The goal of the game is to provide a pure and sweet experience for children to learn kindergarten and preschool skills.

Grandma’s Garden is available for $0.99. Other games from Fairlady Media include Bust A Marble, Spazzle, and Ghosts!.

Check out the video below that includes gameplay of Grandma’s Garden.

Grandma's Garden

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-04-01 :: Category: Game


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