Golf Blitz guide - Four essential tips for keeping up to par

Posted by Campbell Bird on May 2nd, 2019
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Golf Blitz is a pretty wild competitive golf game where anything can happen. With up to four golfers all trying to complete courses as quickly as possible in real time, there’s a lot to keep track of.

With that in mind, I’ve spent some time boiling down my experience with Golf Blitz into four key tips for success. By following these, you should find yourself in competition for first place more often than not.

Speed is king

Golf is a game about patience and focus, but Golf Blitz is not. There are no rewards for taking your time to line up the exact right shot. Of course, you want to be aiming your shots with some degree of care, but worry less about that and more about staying ahead of your opponents.

In line with this, whenever you get upgrades that let you put points into powerups, put them into speed. Your ball doing what it’s supposed to do faster than other players is more important than just about anything else (remember, the game has “Blitz” in the name for a reason). When it comes to character upgrades, you have a little more flexibility, as speed and cooldown upgrades both let you move faster than other players, so you can pick and choose which one of those you want to invest in. Personally, I prefer faster cooldowns.

Don’t save powerups

If you finish a course in Golf Blitz with a full meter, you probably didn’t win. Either that or you were playing against lousy competition. Powerups in Blitz are key to winning. They always give you an advantage, provided you use them properly.

Depending on the hole you’re playing, your use of powerups may change. If you’re ever in doubt though, it’s almost never a bad idea to use the Speed Ball. In keeping with my first tip, going fast in this game is good, and that’s exactly what this powerup does. Using things like Sniper Shot and Super Ball are more niche picks that work for fitting through tight spaces or clearing long distances, respectively.

Pushy putting

It won’t take long in your time with Golf Blitz for the following to happen: Multiple golfers all hit the green at the same time, and some player is blocking your ball’s path to the green. Although it may seem like all hope is lost here, there’s actually something you can do about it.

If you make an overly strong putt, you can actually bounce players over the hole or otherwise disrupt the shot they were trying to make. If things seem especially desperate, you might even want to use a Super Ball putt to really screw over the poor soul that got in your way.

Take the path of least resistance

Some courses in Golf Blitz provide multiple paths to the hole. Often, these multiple paths consist of one tricky-but-short route and one that is simpler, but definitely more circuitous.

In these situations, it’s almost always better to take the longer route. Guaranteed progress toward a hole is a more consistent way to win than trying to nail a lucky skill shot. This is especially true considering most tricky paths feature hazards that punish you for missing.

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