Goat Simulator Wasn't Enough? Then Check Out Goat Simulator MMO Simulator

Posted by Rob Rich on September 3rd, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

If you just didn't get enough goat in Goat Simulator - or if you've been wanting to play a simulated MMO as a microwave - then you're in luck! Goat Simulator MMO Simulator is out now, and it's a game about simulated goats in simulated MMOs. Plus you can play as a microwave.

It's more Goat Simulator, really. Only now you can play as one of five different classes (Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Magician, or Microwave) and can gain character levels, just like in a real RPG! Also there are elves and dwarves and stuff. And you can be sure that there will be tons of RPG and fantasy game and pop culture references liberally smeared throughout.

Goat Simulator MMO Simulator is available on the App Store now for $4.99.

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