Giant Monsters Run Amok in The Sandbox's New Update

Posted by Rob Rich on July 27th, 2015
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So The Sandbox has just hit version number1.99987 (seriously), and it's added a lot more stuff. Just like every other update, really.

Of course there's a new campaign, which takes place in a sort of nuclear wasteland that I believe is supposed to tie into the Ecology 2 campaign. It also adds 18 levels, as well as a new element called "MutaGem." MutaGem basically changes living things into monsters. Fusing most critters with the MutaGem element will createAberrations, but there are two special monsters you can summon with the right combination:Haijira and his robotic nemesis MechaRex. Then there's a Mind Ray you can use to take control of these monsters and smash things up.

The giant monsters update for The Sandbox is live right now.

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