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Posted by Nick Tylwalk on July 4th, 2016
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If you enjoy mixed martial arts, you'll want to check out UFC Knockout 2016. The latest of Topps' line of digital trading card apps -- which also includes apps for baseball, football (regular and American), Star Wars, and The Walking Dead -- it features all the stars of the UFC on a variety of virtual, collectible cards.

The app also has a fantasy sports element, as you can compete using the cards you have amassed, scoring points when those fighters do well in real UFC bouts. To take part in any of what the app has to offer, though, you're going to need coins, which serve as the in-app currency.

While you can buy coins for real money, it's not absolutely necessary to do so. There are several ways to get coins the best way -- meaning for free. Keep reading and we'll fill you in on how to get the coins you'll need to rip packs of cards in UFC Knockout 2016 without spending a dime.

Log in every day

Like the other Topps apps, UFC Knockout gives you a certain amount of coins (currently 10,000, though that could change after the app has been out for some time) just for logging in each day. The daily coins are enough to redeem for a pack or two of cards, though you might have to save up for several days for packs that might contain special insert cards.

Logging in for seven consecutive days earns you a bonus, which at launch has been set to 25,000 coins. That makes it worth your while to see what's happening in UFC Knockout every day if you're enjoying the app.

Check out some TapJoy offers

TapJoy is a service that all of the Topps digital card apps use. It presents you with offers ranging from simply watching a short video to signing up for something online -- which can and often does cost you real money in exchange for goods or services, so be forewarned -- in exchange for in-app coins.

To see what TapJoy is offering, tap the store icon from the bottom navigation (with the shopping cart icon), then either tap on the TapJoy silver coin icon on the left or your coin total in the upper right. You can then either tap on 'Watch To Earn' to see a video or 'Earn Free Coins' to see the whole range of offers.

Note that while watching videos is the easiest way to get some free coins, it also has diminishing returns. Thus, it's sometimes advisable to avoid watching videos for several days to allow the rewards to build back up again.

Get social

Topps wants UFC Knockout users to share the fun with others, so you can also grab a few free coins by sharing your accomplishments via social media. And if you can convince a friend to sign up and try the app, they can enter a referral code that will put some bonus coins in your account.

Free coin offers change constantly, so be sure to hit the info section of UFC Knockout frequently to see what's new.

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