It can be somewhat of a struggle to get kids to leave the couch and go outside to play these days. Hopefully iBitz PowerKey in conjunction with the iBitz wireless activity tracker will make it a little easier. The tracker, which is produced by GeoPalz, wirelessly syncs to your iOS device via bluetooth and is compatible with several different stat-tracking apps. Adults get iBitz Unity, but really it's all about the kid-oriented iBitz PowerKey.

iBitz PowerKey, which can be found at "select Target stores nationwide," provides kids with their own personal robot - called a GeoBot - to take care of. The more physical activities they perform, the healthier and stronger their GeoBot gets. In addition, they'll also unlock up to 50 different mini-games the more steps they take, and parents can even use the "GeoPalz Prize Wall" reward system (through to give their kids material goals to work towards.

I wish I had awesome stuff like this when I was a kid. Being able to earn toys/games/whatever just by playing outside would've been awesome.

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