Game Insight Releases The Tribez

Posted by Kevin Stout on April 5th, 2012

Game Insight, popular publishers of games like My Country and Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure, has just released the newest game in its lineup, The Tribez.

The Tribez is a free-to-play iPad game where players take on the role of a lost time traveler who ends up in a primitive fantasy realm full of tribes. Gameplay for The Tribez includes building stone-age villages, exploring various territories, and leading a tribe that worships the player as a godsend.

The game boasts colorful graphics and high-quality music. The Tribez includes over 27 levels to explore across three different islands, more than 100 quests for the player to complete, 50 different buildings to create, and ten different humorous characters to interact with. Players even get a pet dinosaur that fights off opponents to the tribes and entertains villages.

The Tribez is free-to-play, but sells coins and gems to use in the game through in-app purchases.

The Tribez: Build a Village

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-04-03 :: Category: Game


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