Galaga Wars Guide: How to survive waves of enemies

Posted by Jessica Famularo on November 10th, 2016
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Bandai revived classic arcade shooter Galaga this week with the newer, shinier Galaga Wars. It's fast-paced, alien destroying fun with plenty of fun upgrades and ability boosts to collect. It's easy enough to jump in and start blasting away, but the difficulty ramps up quite quickly. If you want to keep that killstreak going, follow these tips to really reach for the stars.

Watch for screen cues

If you pay careful attention, you'll notice that the edge of the screen will flash red when enemy ships are about to break through. Watch for these signals and direct your attention to these areas to pre-emptively stave off enemy attacks.

Upgrade your ship
Durng brief moments of calm, fly around the screen and gather coins dropped by enemies. You can purchase upgrades for your ship, unlocking really useful perks like enlarged bullets or longer lasting turrets. Initially they start off pretty cheap, so invest in them right away. Find perks you like the most and put more effort into levelling those up for even more powerful abilities.

Maintain your score via ads
Watching ads doesn't always yield useful rewards, but Galaga Wars gives you the chance to continue playing after you die by watching a short video. It's the easiest way to rack up the points and only takes a few seconds of your time. You'll be grateful for the break when you see your score steadily climbing.

Galaga Wars is a delightful space shooter than you can easily put hours into. If you're really serious about your score, though, follow these tips to get as far as possible. With time you'll have a superpowered ship ready to take on the deadliest of aliens.

Already a master of the Galaga universe? Share your own advice in the comments.

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