Now I'm fully aware that most of the other games on today's list will end up being eclipsed by Nimblebit's newest release, but let's all try to stay focused here. There are five more games in this lineup, so why not take it slow and give them all at least a glance?

Zombie Carnival - I can’t say that I’ve ever given much thought to running my own undead theme park, but it’s not a bad idea now that I think about it. Luckily I can try my hand with this instead of scouring curio shops for The Necronomicon. Plus there’s bound to be much less mess when I find, combine, and battle zombies digitally as opposed to the alternative.
Grab Zombie Carnival Here.

Pocket Planes - Nimblebit has adapted their super-popular sensibilities and freemium model into a game about running an airline. There’s practically no chance of this not being a major time sink, so we all might as well give in and just start playing. Society will recover from the complete lapse in progress, eventually.
Grab Pocket Planes Here.

Max Astro: Stranded Beyond the Stars - As cute as it may look, the core concept of using piles of alien corpses to climb to freedom is a little disturbing. Of course I happen to like cute and disturbing things, so it all works out. Whether or not anyone else wants to try and get this stranded astronaut home, no matter the cost to the extraterrestrial population, is up to them.
Grab Max Astro Here.

Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution - Stunt driving can be pretty crazy, but it can be even crazier in a virtual space where the laws of gravity and physics don’t really apply. Slapping wings and livestock on top of a car, then ramping over the Grand Canyon might be completely ridiculous but it’s also just insane enough to be awesome.
Grab Top Gear Here.

Terrapets - Collecting impossible creatures is something most iOS users are familiar with at this point. The same goes for creating habitats for them. But not too many games combine creature collection, habitat building, and battling. So hooray for versatility! And hooray for funky monster designs!
Grab Terrapets Here.

Little Wizard - Build a fantasy-themed town, then defend it. All while researching new magics and gathering monsters to summon in future battles. All that’s missing is an emphasis on elements that affects the experience depending on a player’s focus and gesture-based spell casting. What’s that? It has that, too? Ah. Right, well best get to downloading then.
Grab Little Wizard Here.

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