How to stay ahead of the competition in FIFA Mobile

Posted by Jessica Famularo on October 13th, 2016
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FIFA Mobilelaunched this week, bringing a lighter, certifiably mobile football experience.FIFA Mobilepairs card collecting with team management, crafting, and straightup football competition with a bunch of new systems that might bear a little explaining. Use this trusty guide to get your off on the right foot.

Jump into attackmode
FIFA Mobile gives you plenty of things to do on the single player side, but don't forget to jump into Attack Mode. This live competitive mode pits you against fellow players, and it's also the best way to level up. Not only does levelling up help your team progress (you can't start a season until level eight), you'll also get some valuable coins as you make your way. Coins are your only means of buying card packs without resorting to in-app purchases, so hop to it.

Complete all of the live events
They might seem like silly training drills compared to the actual competition, but apart from keeping your skills sharp, they're a great way to earn cash and cards. Just take your time when completing some of the challenges. You only get a limited number of chances to complete the event before you have to start over and use up more hard earned energy.

Pay attention to your Plans
You probably won't be using all of the items and cards that get thrown your way, but that doesn't mean you should simply forget about them! Plugging unwanted items into Plans will often reward you with unique items and cards once you complete a set. Just remember that once you complete a Plan, you won't be getting any of the items or cards you put into it back.

Play the market
FIFA Mobilealso has a handy auction system for swapping out team members. If you have a player card you don't see yourself using, scope out the market to see if that player's stats makes them a valuable card on the market. Do some market research--compare your card's stats to the cards that are currently selling well on the market to see if you can make a little extra cash.

FIFA Mobilemixes a little bit of team management with some old fashioned, plain and simple football action. With these tips you'll earn plenty of coin and build up a well-rounded team.

If you're already a pro, share your ownFIFA Mobiletips and tricks in the comments below!

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