Euro Five A Side Football 2000 is a football management game from Swipe Studios Interactive that focuses on small-sided games. And no, you're not reading the title wrong, the game is intended to be set in the year 2000. It's also available now for both iOS and Android.

You might recognise the developers as the creators of both Swipe Manager Soccer and Woofball Manager, both of which were a Reigns swipe left and right style take on being a football coach. This takes a different approach from the company's predecessors but it retains the simplicity they adopted.

That means there are no in-depth tactics to rummage through before diving into a game. Instead, players will have to select the best team they can get based on a pre-determined budget. That means you might have to drop a superstar or two to stay within your limits and select solid replacements who won't cost your team a match.

There are 17 different nations to choose from with over 400 player caricatures to bring some personality to the international players of 20 years ago. Sort of at least, their names have been changed slightly to tactically avoid any licensing problems.

The matches themselves are fairly brief, only lasting a minute, which means it's possible to win the five a side Euros in around 30 minutes. The match speed itself can also be increased further if you're in a real rush too.

Euro Five A Side Football 2000 is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with a single IAP that costs $0.99 that will remove adverts from the game.

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