Eternal Arena guide - Tips and tricks to help you win every battle and power up your heros

Posted by Glen Fox on November 16th, 2015
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Eternal Arenais a blend of MOBA and action RPG that challenges you to take control of one of 35 playable characters and head out into a variety of single player missions to destroy all foes in your path.

You won't be alone though. You can unlock new heroes and bring up to two of them into battle with you, upgrading all of their equipment to ensure they're as powerful as can be.

But combat is actually fairly challenging here - unlike most other iOS action RPGs. But don't worry yourself too much - we at148Appsare here to help train you up into the most devastating hero the world has ever seen.


Make a habit of completing your dailies

You get a few rewards per day just for playingEternal Arenabut you need to know where to find them.

The first thing you should do is sign in by tapping on the 'Sign' button. On the next page, tap the reward depending on how many days you've played to receive free diamonds or a rare character.

After that, head on over to the 'Rewards' page to sign in to the monthly reward page where you'll earn gold, gems, elixir, soulstones, and rare equipment each time you sign in.

Finally, visit the tavern and blacksmith to earn a free hero and piece of rare equipment respectively.

Keep your equipment at your character level

As you complete missions you'll earn equipment and level up your character to increase its power. You should definitely keep your characters equipped with the most powerful gear.

Other than that, you should upgrade your gear each time you level up and aim to always keep it around your character's level to always have it at optimal power. Do this for all characters.

Get crafty

So, there's no real crafting system inEternal Arena, but there are some little tricks you can do to increase the power of your characters.

Firstly, use elixir to increase the level of your newly-collected, under-levelled heros. Heroes can only ever be the same level or under that of your character level and you should try and maintain them at this at all times.

Secondly, if you have five low level pieces of equipment that you're not using, throw them in the forge to exchange them for a high level piece that you can use.

Finally, if you have a high level piece of gear that you can't use, you can transfer the level and number of stars to another piece that you can by transmuting it.

Be a completionist

Head on over to the 'Achievements' tab and you can find a variety of goals to achieve to earn achievement points. Every time you gain an achievement level you'll receive diamonds as a reward.

Another way to earn diamonds is to earn three star ratings in each seix levels of each chapter. That requires you to complete all three goals in each level though - no easy feat.

Lastly, you should try and take part in Monster Hunt and Goblin Hunt daily to earn extra stamina, vigor, and gold.

Have you been enjoyingEternal Arena? Do you have any tips for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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