Enjoy a meditative experience with maze-style puzzler Slidout, available now for iOS and Android

Posted by 148Apps Staff on July 24th, 2020
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Vixa Games has recently released a puzzler that focuses on sliding blocks and managing falling objects. It's called Slidout and promises players a relaxed puzzle-solving experience. It's available now for iOS and Android as a premium game.

Even though this is supposed to be a calming puzzler for players to progress through at their own pace, the difficulty will still increase at a gradual pace as players complete the various hand-crafted levels. To begin with, this will be done by guiding a set number of yellow balls through a grid.

The controls for this are very simple, players will be able to move the blocks in each row by swiping either left or right. The complexity instead comes from the additional elements that will be introduced as players get further into the game. This will include hazards and traps that players will have to clear out before moving the yellow balls and locked cubes that have to be unlocked with keys. Later stages will further challenge you in the way you traverse levels through the use of portals, instantaneously taking you from one location to another.

To try and mitigate any frustration however, the developers have given players a redo button so they can take back their last move if they made a mistake. Additionally, because Slidout is a premium title there are no irritating adverts that will pop-up at random intervals to interrupt your experience. Similarly, there are no time limits to worry about so you can completely progress at whatever pace you prefer.

If you're on the lookout for a new puzzler then you can find Slidout on the App Store and Google Play where it's available for $0.99.

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