Dragon Storm Fantasy, the hit MMORPG, becomes even more of a must-play with its latest update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on April 10th, 2020
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Set in the war-torn land of Arcus, Dragon Storm Fantasy is an epic MMORPG that delivers massive PvP battles, intense combat, and tons of powerful dragons to collect. The game's latest update introduces a number of great features that turn it into even more of a must-play.

First off, players from across the various servers can finally compete against one another in the Dragon City of Storms. It's a great way to amass heaps of rewards and ultimately earn the awesome title of Dragon King of Storms.

You'll now be able to gain useful resources while offline, boosting your overall progression and keeping you competitive without having to stay online throughout the day. It's a great, player-friendly feature that should mean you rarely fall behind the competition. All you need to do is enter meditation mode to start earning tons of XP and equipment.

The new update also adds an extensive trading system. This allows you to trade any unwanted equipment to players on different servers. Everything you put up for sale will be managed and sold through the in-game Auction House while offline, meaning you don't have to stay online to keep an eye on your items.

On top of all that, all-new talent skills and high-rank equipment are now available to collect after awakening. You'll have more freedom than ever before in deciding which talent skills to equip, broadening the scope of strategic play in PvP considerably.

If you're searching for your next MMORPG fix, you'll find the action-packed Dragon Storm Fantasy available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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