The 2014 NFL Draft is almost upon us! Soon up will become down, black will become white, college football players will become professional football players, and so on. No doubt plenty of you will be glued to your TV while watching all of these athletes play the high stakes version of “please don’t pick me last,” but what about people who won’t be able to watch the whole thing (or even at all)? Or what if you’d like a little more detail on a given player or team than what’s provided during the televised event? This is precisely why we’ve cooked up a small list of NFL Draft apps for you to check out.

CBS Sports (CBS Interactive)

CBS Sports in general is a good way to stay on top of a bunch of different sports with personalized push notifications, live video, streaming radio, and more. It’s also been updated specifically for the 2014 NFL Draft. Now you’ll be able to use the app to keep tabs on every trade in real-time, check out prospect rankings, and make use of those custom push notifications I just mentioned.

Sportfusion - NFL Draft 2014 News Edition (Newsfusion)

Sportfusion - NFL Draft 2014 News Edition pulls news from all sorts of sources to give you handy summaries and curated videos. You can also create your own custom news feed that will follow specific players or topics - say, perhaps, like a certain draft that’s coming up. It even lets you see what your Facebook friends are looking at and commenting on, so you can easily keep those lighthearted rivalries going.

Draftpedia (Draftpedia)

Draftpedia is an app that’s been designed for NBA and NFL drafts, which makes it kind of ideal for later this week. It’s a full-on collection of drafts throughout the years, dating all the way back to the beginning of the NFL. It breaks down statistics, details individuall players, allows you to search from all manner of criteria (leaders, years, etc), and more.

Draft•Tracker® 2014 (StreakWise Sports)

Draft-Tracker 2014 will let you watch the 2014 Draft in real-time, as well as vote on your favorite (or least favorite) picks. It also tracks and updates trades, compares current and past team selections, generated “grades” for each teams’ draft, and a whole lot more. Really it’s all about tracking - stats, players, positions, and so on - which, given its name, makes a lot of sense.

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