Dog Based Adventures With Tongue Tied

Posted by Jennifer Allen on November 18th, 2011

There's something heart warming about the companionship between two dogs, even if those dogs happen to be attached by the tongue such as Mick & Ralph in Mojo Bones' first iOS title: Tongue Tied.

Arriving in early December, Tongue Tied follows the exploits of Mick & Ralph as they traverse their way through 50 levels, hoping to eventually retrieve the WonderBone. As the names and concept suggests, it's going to be a pretty zany ride with an entertaining combination of platforming and physics puzzling.

It promises to include numerous tricks and bonuses to keep things interesting as well as a form of levelling up system, leading to many unlockables. Besides the 50 story levels, there's also the promise of 30 separate DogHouse levels boosting the replayability of the title.

With a graphical style that clearly takes a few ideas from classic cartoons, I reckon Tongue Tied will be ideal for young and old alike.

Tongue Tied will be out next month. For now, gaze at the gameplay trailer and screenshots below.

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