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Posted by Jessica Famularo on October 8th, 2016
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If you like jumping, punching, and kicking through a colorful world of retro video game delights, then Halfbrick Studios' Dan the Manneeds to be the next game on your must play list. It's fast-paced and fun, with tons of coins to chase, weapons to hoard, and bad guys to topple.

Dan the Manis lighthearted enough, but don't underestimate it. It'll throw plenty of challenges at you while you're distracted by its whimsical retro stylings. Luckily we're here to guide you through some of the game's stickier elements to help you come out swinging.

Get some air
Punching works well enough, but if you're swarmed by baddies, it's best to change your tactics up a bit. Jumping around avoiding attacks serves you quite well, but you can also retaliate midair and do some extra damage. To perform a drop kick, jump in the air and hit the punch buton while you're still aerial. It's a much more efficient (and fancy) way to attack your enemies.

Toss your enemies around a bit
If shoryuken, guns, and aerial kicks aren't enough to sate your inner-brawler, you can always resort to straight up grappling. You can grab onto enemies if you move in their direction. Once you have a nice grip, swing them around and toss them off a bridge by tapping the arrow in the opposite direction. Isn't that satisfying?

Watch out for the TV statues
Keep an eye out for Atlas statues carrying TVs on their shoulders. Punch them to bits and you'll trigger an ad video. Why would you want to seek these ads out? Well, after you watch the 15-30 second clip, you're often rewarded with some fancy weapons. There's quite a variety to discover, and they're great fun to experiment with.

Dan the Manis a blast and a half, and these tips will make sure you get the most out of this wacky, sidescrolling brawler. After a while you'll be diving into waves of enemies like the seasoned fighter you were always meant to be.

If you're already an action star inDan the Man, be sure to share your own tips in the comments below.

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