Counting Caterpillar Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on December 12th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Counting Caterpillar is a fun and engaging universal counting app that kids will enjoy.

Simple to understand, one feeds this tree climbing caterpillar aphids caught in correct order from 1 - 100. This can be done by groups of ten in the easy section, or challenge oneself in counting in intervals of 2, 5, or 10. There is also a difficult section that randomizes the counting method and number that one starts from.

Although receptive in nature, the look of this app is marvelous with many terrific details and dynamic visual styling, as nothing is flat-looking within this app. The tree the caterpillar climbs has a wonderful texture and shading which adds beauty to the bark of this tree, and I also love the green leaves in the background, adding richness and depth to this app. The caterpillar is adorable, smiling and attractive with a great colored body with subtle batik notes that add to the visual interest.

The butterflies found within this app are beautiful as well, full of interesting color combinations and unique batik-like details reminiscent of the work of Eric Carle, combined with computer-generated images that create a pleasant 3-D effect as these butterflies flap their wings, looking as if they are floating slightly off the page.

My son really enjoys this application, with its quick pace and wonderful artwork. At first, he complained that the speed was too fast, as the aphids fly around the screen and the caterpillar never stops moving. With some practice, though, my son has quickly become a regular user of this app on the pursuit of collecting more butterflies - something that is accomplished regularly as one continues to play.

I appreciate how the butterflies are saved from one encounter to the next, and I like that one can choose to use a hint, that being the correct aphid number colored orange, standing out against the other green bugs seen on the screen.

Upbeat, enjoyable music is used as here, and friendly narration speaks each number as the caterpillar is fed, growing longer as the numbers just ingested become new parts of the caterpillar's body, further adding to the visual style and number sequencing.

I do wish, however, that one had a chance to choose from what number to start from, as my son has enjoyed this app often when he has just a few minutes in which I need him to be distracted.

Because of this, he has counted to 20 or 30 often, also spending time admiring his hoard of butterflies or checking out the other levels - something that I do not begrudge him, but it would be nice for him to start the count at 50, giving him a chance to spend time sequencing the upper half of 100 as well.

It would also be nice that while this app is open, one did not have to start back at one to ten when venturing back to the easy mode after having traveled to another section for a time. This honestly does not bother my son as he is mainly in it to gain more butterflies, but I wish he could keep go back and continue counting higher and higher, even after going back from changing levels.

This app does not only challenge children’s ability to count from 1 to 100 but also gives both fine motor skills and one’s ability to focus amidst the moving creatures found in this app a workout, possibly making this a good choice for special needs children as well.

I am impressed with the rich textures, colors and depth found within Counting Caterpillar. If interested, do look also at Shape-O ABC app from the developers at Bellamon which has a similar use of visual style, to be reviewed here soon at GiggleApps.

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