With the holidays right around the corner, many developers are releasing holiday-related updates for their apps, not to mention extra content in general. Chillingo is one such company. The publisher contacted us today to inform us about its own holiday gift to its fans.

For fans of Cut the Rope, the studio is releasing Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift, which comes with 25 holiday-themed levels and holiday-themed obstacles. The levels in the game feature holiday-inspired visuals, including scattered Christmas trees and ropes made of lights. Furthermore, some levels feature holiday stockings with special physics effects. Users can drop candy into on stocking and it’ll shoot out of another.

The update also adds a new holiday gift card feature. Here, users can create gift cards by adding the game’s mascot, Om Nom, to pictures in user’s photo library. There are also other holiday related visual effects that users can superimpose over their photos, including Santa hats, bells and more.

The best part about Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is it’s free.

The publisher is also celebrating the third-year anniversary of Sneezies with a free update for fans. The update adds new levels to play through. The developer chose to make the content available to all users, including those who have not played through the original set.

“Before this update, we hesitated to add new levels to Sneezies, because we know the Classic game mode gets progressively harder, and making it to the end is pretty epic already,” the developer wrote in its blog update. "So, we added a completely new menu option: New Sneezies.”

Both the Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift and Sneezies update are now available on the iTunes App Store.


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