It was an exceptionally busy time at Gamescom last week for all involved. One such publisher was particularly busy with news and more about three major titles coming iOS's way courtesy of Chillingo's fair hand. We take a look at what we know about each one so far.


OK, let's start with a big one. John Woo, yes, the John Woo of "Hard Boiled" and "Face/Off" has delved into iOS gaming. Console gamers will have already experienced the good but not quite great grandeur of Strangehold and, well, Bloodstroke seems to be following a similar path story wise.

Players control Phalanx's Elite private security agent Mai Lee as she shoots and slices mostly everything that gets in her way on the streets of Hong Kong and Beijing. With a particularly distinctive visual style, a series of comic book panels penned by Woo himself are set to explain all, amongst the rather blood-thirsty gameplay. Its screenshots are certainly looking quite memorable.

Bloodstroke is set for release later this year.

Find The Line

Remarkably different to Bloodstroke, Find The Line is a much more cerebral affair. Players must arrange lines in a specific order so that they can discover hidden images throughout each stage. It's not quite as simple as it sounds given that one will have to examine things carefully for any useful clues, but it's almost certainly going to be very easy to come to grips with.

With neon-style graphics and a very minimalist tone, Find The Line already looks quite memorable. Much like Bloodstroke, it's set for release later this year.

Feed Me Oil 2

Everyone loves a good sequel, right? Good, because Feed Me Oil 2 is set to build on the success of its predecessor and provide even more entertaining physics-based puzzling.

As before, players must guide gallons of oil towards the oil-gulping monsters. New to this title, though, come underwater puzzles which promise to mix things up suitably well, plus there are new tools such as windmills and boomerangs.

Set for release this Fall, I have a sneaking suspicion that Feed Me Oil 2 will be quite the hit.

We'll be sure to keep you up to date on each game's progress. For now, soak up the plethora of cool screenshots below, desperate to tantalize those gaming tastebuds.

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