Celebrate the Christmas holidays with Pumpkinbutt's Halloween Dream's latest update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on December 23rd, 2020
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It's a festive time of year so even the farmer in Pumpkinbutt's Halloween Dream deserves a break from the nightmare he's perpetually trapped in right? Skyflyer Studio appears to agree since they've updated the game with forty new Christmassy levels.

However, even the naturally cheerful holidays can be a little terrifying it seems with this new batch of stages being called The Christmas Caverns, which hardly sounds like a relaxing time sitting around a cosy fireplace.

Instead, our hero will have to contend with festive hazards such as candy canes, snowballs and even evil nutcrackers. I guess he's not getting a break after all, but at least it means more levels for us to enjoy.

Beyond that, players can also test their dodging prowess in the new Super Spire level. This will see them attempting to climb a giant tower that's filled to the brim with nightmares. Since being added to the game no one has managed to overcome this challenge, can you be the first?

If you haven't played Pumpkinbutt's Halloween Dream before, it's an arcade game that sees you having to dodge a variety of hazards such as spikes, skulls, slimes and axes. There are also pumpkin boosters and items available for the more difficult levels.

The game itself is set in the Dragon Force universe and follows a farmer who becomes trapped in a nightmare world following an explosion in his pumpkin patch. Now he'll have to run and leap for his life as he tries to escape this bad dream he now finds himself in.

On the hunt for a new arcade game to play? Pumpkinbutt's Halloween Dream is available now for free on iOS and Android.

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