BlazeFury guide - How to wrap your mind around this odd shmup

Posted by Campbell Bird on June 12th, 2018
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

BlazeFury is a unique take on the shmup genre, so it’s pretty easy to be confused about how you should play it. Fear not though, dear reader. These tips below will make you a dogfighting champion in no time.

Missiles are the best

The best way to start progressing quickly in BlazeFury is to invest in the right weapons. Since enemies get harder and harder, and there’s no real way to fight back without upgrading your own arsenal, you want to be sure you’re making the best investments possible.

From my experience, the missiles are the best weapon for you to unlock and continuously upgrade. Not only do they pack a punch against enemies, but they also do a great deal of splash damage, which can help you take down enemies that you aren’t even targeting.

The best offense is a great defense

In terms of other things to invest your credits in, you’ll also want to try and unlock as many drones as possible in BlazeFury. Drones are essentially additional fighters that fly alongside your main ship and can help damage other enemies and protect yourself.

Specifically, there are two kinds of drones (offensive and defensive), and the best option when deciding to invest between the two is defensive. Offensive drones can certainly impress my mowing down enemies quickly, but they can also take away chances for you to score big multipliers, complete certain achievements, and trigger health boosts, so it’s almost always better to fly with a fleet of mostly defensive drones.

Multi-touch method

When playing BlazeFury, there are occasionally times where you’ll want to touch the screen for something other than targeting enemies. Hearts appear on screen that you can tap for health, and even some levels have boxes that you can tap repeatedly to earn a prize.

It can be hard at times to keep track of all the enemies you have to shoot down while these other tappable objects are on screen, but there’s a way to make all of this more manageable. If you use one finger to enter aim mode and slow BlazeFury down, you can use another finger to tap all of these extra things while the game is moving at a much more manageable pace. Make sure to use this technique often to maximize your rewards and survivability.

Wait for the right moment

Early on in BlazeFury, it may be tempting to try and shoot down enemies as soon as they get on screen, but this isn’t always the best move. Linking together more enemies in a single salvo is generally better than mowing down enemies one at a time, both because you earn more points (and thus, rewards) for doing so, and because certain health drops are tied to how many enemies you kill at once.

So, instead of just tapping and aiming at all enemies as soon as they enter the screen, consider tapping and entering aim mode, but only exiting once you’ve maximized the number of enemies you can take down in one go. It’s a little counterintuitive, but it’ll definitely make you a better BlazeFury player.

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