Black Desert Mobile's Sorceress class is a magic user with devastating ranged attacks

Posted by 148Apps Staff on January 29th, 2020
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Black Desert Mobile, Pearl Abyss' megahit fantasy MMO, has had an incredible first month, with a ton of post-launch content already available for players to sink their teeth into. Now, the game's first new playable character class has arrived, offering her own powerful skills, attacks, and combat style.

With her primary weapon being an Amulet and secondary weapon being a Talisman, the Sorceress is a skilled magic user who is deadly in both ranged and up-close encounters. On the rare occasion when she's forced to play defensively, she can employ rapid dodges and teleportation powers to stay in the fight and navigate the battlefield safely.

You'll likely rely on her Shadow Kick and Sinister Energy attacks in most combat scenarios. The latter is a deadly dark magic missile that can be fired while you dodge rapidly from side to side. She can pick off enemies from a vantage point or rush in and use counter-attacks to thin the herd.

If her standard skills and attacks aren't cutting it, the Sorceress can seek out buff-giving Shards. These are typically found on the battlefield, and they can boost your attack damage and range by an impressive degree.

Overall, the Sorceress plays quite unlike any of the pre-existing classes, boasting a varied, flashy arsenal of powers and a unique sense of style. Those who have already tested out the other classes will likely want to test her combat style and experiment with her unique talents.

Fans of MMOs would be wise to check out Black Desert Mobile, available now from both Google Play and the App Store. The title has recently won the Award for Best Audio/Visual Accomplishment at Mobile Game Awards 2020, so you’re in for a treat.

For more news and Black Desert Mobile videos be sure to check out the game's official website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels.

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