Mass Effect: Andromeda arrives this coming Tuesday and people are getting understandably antsy. There's a whole weekend standing between us and a brand new Bioware adventure. What's a geek to do? Well, you could certainly give these fine mobile space operas a try. They've got beautiful worlds to explore and are some of the best video game experiences around.

Mars: Mars

If you love exploring the unknown, you'll likely enjoy the vast landscapes in Mars: Mars, a beautiful space exploration game. It feels slightly reminiscent of No Man's Sky, but it fits in your pocket!

SteamWorld Heist
It's like Firefly, except the cast is a bunch of quirky, rusty, robots. Set in the beloved SteamWorld universe, Heist is a captivating strategy shooter that makes for a weekend well-spent.

Crashlands isn't just good -- it was one of the best games of 2016. You play as a galactic delivery man crashlanded on an alien planet. It's a full-on survival game right on your phone, with hundreds of hours worth of in-depth crafting and monsters to tame.

Ticket to Earth

Ticket to Earth is an action-packed, four-part space saga. There's a wonderful story being told here and well-fleshed out characters. That's all paired with quality tactical RPG battles blended with puzzle mechanics. If you come to Mass Effect for the compelling plot and memorable characters, you'll definitely want to give this game a try.

Excited for Mass Effect: Andromeda? What are you doing to while away the hours? Let us know in the comments.

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