It's another week of deals and steals here at 148Apps. We're featuring a lot of apps in this week's roundup -- seven in total. We've got fast-paced space shooters, addictive arcade games, and some clever puzzle games just to name a few. Let's dig in, shall we?

Bumpy Road
Was: $2.99 Now: $0.99

We loved this endearing indie adventure that tells the story of an elderly couple. You guide them on their path, collecting their memories as you go, by using your finger to meld the terrain before them either in their favor or against it.

Was: $1.99 Now: $0.99

It looks like your typical twinstick shooter at first, but Inferno+ combines that space combat you might crave with some cool RPG mechanics and Diablo-esque looting. Once you've had your fill of Inferno+, the game's sequel, Inferno 2, is also on sale for just $0.99.

Was: $2.99 Now: $0.99

BADLAND is a gorgeous puzzle-platformer that sees you guiding a little black blob through a series of mazes and other environmental puzzles. If you like stylish indie games you'll want to add this number to your collection.

Was: $4.99 Now: $2.99

1849 is a city-building sim set during the Yukon gold rush. The game keeps you motivated by providing a series of challenges for you to constantly be working towards completing.

Super Crossfighter
Was: $1.99 Now: $0.99

An arcade alien shooter in the classic sense, Super Crossfighter is elegant in its simplicity -- a real blast and a half for folks seeking a good space shooter a la Space Invaders.

Batman - TheTelltale Series
Was: $4.99 Now: Free

Batman has gotten the Telltale treatment in this new episodic adventure game. Batman fans will love this gritty story that leaves you to make the hard decisions.

Are you planning on taking advantage of any of these deals? Let us know in the comments.

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