A picture does indeed paint a thousand words, and with Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery, players can discover an emotional tale about the past as well with every brushstroke. Akatsuki Taiwan’s Silver Lining Studio and co-publisher Akupara Games have announced the official release of the gorgeous interactive fiction game, and it’s now available for PC, iOS, and Android worldwide.

The visual novel-slash-puzzle game lets players explore a vivid, hand-drawn, Studio Ghibli-esque world through the eyes (and canvas) of an aspiring artist working on her masterpiece. You’ll solve puzzles, handle your brusque neighbor, and figure out how to paint in the presence of a pesky cat (haven’t we all been there?), all while taking an evocative trip down memory lane as your artwork comes to life.

The panoramic visuals coupled with the smooth, relaxing soundtrack make for a meditative experience for all kinds of gamers. If you’re eager to dive in, Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery is now available to download on the App Store and on Google Play with a price tag of $4.99 and $9.99 (plus a 10% discount) on PC.

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