If the name "Auroch Digital" sounds familiar, that's probably because you've been enjoying Chainsaw Warrior. And if you haven't been, that means you're not playing it. You should play it (or its sequel). Anyway, the dev team has recently announced that they're teaming up with Games Workshop yet again in order to revitalize another one of their cult-status board games of old: Dark Future.

Dark Future is a somewhat Mad Max-ian (with a sprinkling of Shadowrun) board game about two dispatate societies: the walled-off, highly technological communities of the rich, and the lawless, wild west-style towns for everyone else.

It plays like a simultaneous turn-based strategy game (think Frozen Synapse), with you issuing commands to your drivers and then seeing how it all plays out. In-between the contracts and other jobs you take on you'll also be able to upgrade your drivers and vehicles with all manner of weaponry and cybernetics. Sometimes both.

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